Inspirational Guy


I met him when I would practice yoga in Jerman Beach, Bali. While waiting, I spoke to him. He came from East Java, and stays in Denpasar, Bali. He sells boiled peanuts, around Kuta beach.  He is walking.  The Peanut prices are Idr 2 k.

When I saw there was a little boy who asked for peanuts, he gives the kid without asking  money. I just paid attention about this. And then, the child ran to her father. The father of the child is surprised to see him bringing peanuts. He immediately turned around and pay to the peanut vendors. Peanut vendors refused and said “it’s okay, No need to pay. ” The father of the kid was insist to keep paying.

I can imagine how much money obtained from selling the peanuts, but he’s still willing to give free to the little boy who wants it. How many people are good like this can we meet? I feel inspired by his attitude  who reached out to others.  Hope I can still find people who have a big heart like him.#


Changed my perspective of myself,

Changed my life,

Changed my priorities,

Changed my time…

Changed my Passions,

Changed my emptiness to fulfillness

Changed my loneliness to togetherness

Changed my anger to be more patient

Changed my world perspective

Being a wife changed everything


Being myself .#

Monique Galactomyces Series

My 2nd step after Toner Soft Micro Peeling (Morning & Night) is using MONIQUE LAB THE FIRST SKIN ESSENCE 150ml, from Privia.  When I rub it to my face, my face feel so tight!


Cream dan essence Multi fungsi untuk memulihkan kondisi kulit rusak dan bersisik , juga dilengkapi dengan whitening – anti wrinkle function, dengan kandungann 96.8% galactomyces atau yang sering disebut sebagai pitera oleh brand tertentu
– membantu menghilangkan kulit kasar dan sisik pada wajah
– membantu menghilangkan noda flek pada wajah
– membantu meratakan warna wajah yang tidak merata
– menghilangkan bopeng pada wajah
– mempercepat penyembuhan bekas jerawat
– mencerahkan wajah dengan whitening alami galactomyces
– menutrisi kulit dan memberikan kelembapan kadar air
Produk ini juga dilengkapi dengan flower extract lain yang berfungsi menjaga kesehatan kulit wajah.

Cara Pakai : setelah wajah bersih, gunakan essence terlebih dahulu + dilanjutkan dengan cream sebagai night cream.
Untuk siang hari:
bagi kulit oily : essence 150ml saja + BB cream atau CC cream + bedak
Bagi kulit dry : essence 150ml + cream 30ml + BB cream atau CC cream + bedak

Selamat mencoba

Secret Key Soft Micro – Peel Toner

My First Step for spoiling my Face – Morning & Night
Ready stock at Risty Online Shop, HP/WA/lINE 082137676335 bbm 79757968 Fb page ; @obralthok


Toner yang mengandung asam hyaluronic mencegah penipisan kelembaban kulit dengan kandungan AHA & BHA dapat merontokkan sel – sel kulit mati pada wajah sehingga efek wajah menjadi cerah , putih , dan halus.
kulit yang teriritasi ringan , dengan kemasan yang big size dapat dipakai lebih lama. diperkaya dengan 15% dari asam hyaluronic itu mengisi ulang kulit kelembaban kulit putih untuk waktu yang lama
AHA & BHA yang terkandung khusus dapat mengontrol pengelupasan & penghapusan sebum yang berlebihan , memberikan efek menenangkan
Kandungan : lemon , apel , grape , jojoba seed oil , sea buckthorn fruit , avocado , aloe vera extract , chamomile extract , nettle extract , mum extract , cnldium dan oriental medical plant extract.
Cara pakai : Setelah mencuci wajah, sapukan dengan kapas kosmetik ke wajah secara merata.#

Being with You, Make Me Feel Perfect

Not a lot of words to say
Not many stories  you express
But my days are filled with care
Studded of million kisses
Sprinkled by flowers of love

Every second annoyance from me
Tickling your seriousness
Every move of me makes you smiling
And double up with laughter

We talk to everything
Talk to chocolate in the fridge
Speak to ice cream
Chat to plants
Whispering to flower

Listening our heart
Listening to the chatter of nature
Sniff the mood

Being with you, make me feel perfect.#

I can’t Leave

Sitting beside me

A woman

With high spirits

Telling a story …


She says…

That man is loving me

That man would be sad if I leave

That man is a very nice guy

I did not have the heart to leave

That man has other women

That man could not leave his woman

They’d been together


That man gave me a little money

Unlike other men

which gives a lot of money to their women

I am alright

Not Demanding anything

I can’t leave that, that man is too nice

I did not have the heart to leave


Wiping my face

I moved my lips slightly

I stared into her eyes

I tried to dig

The meaning of her words

Surprised, confused, and feel strange


It first met

And I heard a story

It looks like my ears refuse to hear

I am speechless

Then who you are?

Telling me all this?


I wrote this, because it was happening when I met a woman, suddenly she told me that things.  She didn’t know me, I didn’t know her.  But she told me and show me her guy.  Very freak. She give me a trust ? or she told to everybody…? #

Each Other

When attention rewarded with lies
When sincerity rewarded with default
When innocence is read as the sincerity
That there finally is a disappointment

When a misunderstanding about the meaning friend
When there is no word “mutual” & “each other”
Then there is no word “Friend”

Where are your friends?
They are in the “each other” .#