You tap on the door of my heart
Knock gently
My ears were deaf, not hearing
But my heart was moved
I felt a strong vibration
When you give greetings
Rigid bones
My heart is open, without thinking

I think you’re just a man
Far from the reach of my eyes
But my heart feels close
Whisper in my ear as close as love
Is that you?
I whispered
You did not answer
But your heart sends a strong wave
Waves of love without limits

I shake my body
Is this a dream?
I turned my feet
Along the white sand
I stared at the flickering
Wind hair and my face hit the beach
Coolness touch
Touching my heart is undecided
Between dreams and hopes
Oh …

I lay my body on the sand
The warmth of the rest of the day
Felt in my skin
I folded my hands as the pedestal head
I let the waves on my soles
I listened to his voice
Serene rhythms
Soft …. tight … rumble
As my mood

I feel peaceful
wind of love has pierced the bone marrow
Frozen blood thaw
Touch of waves made me realize
I rubbed my eyes until the pain
This is not a dream
This feeling is here
This feeling is real

I opened my eyes
I looked
I saw you staring at me
Full of love
You are bringing your smile to me
You whisper beautiful words
“I love you”
Oh, peacefulness of my heart
Peaceful sound of the waves

Do not let the sound waves away
Because it will always be beautiful
In my heart
As beautiful as you in my heart.#


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