Curug Cinulang



Curug Cinulang is in Cicalengka – West Java. People knew it because the myth about that. The myth is if we come as a couple, we will break up our relationship. If we come alone (without a boyfriend/ girlfriend), we will get a gf or bf. It doesn’t mean we will get gf/ bf from this place, but probably we will get someone who is on vacation to this place. (make sense :D)

Because the waterfall far away from the center of Bandung, so people from Bandung named this place as “Curug Penjauhna” – Sundaneese Language. It means most distant waterfall. Nevertheless this waterfall is more popularly known as Curug Cinulang. The Location of Curug Cinulang closely the border between Bandung and Garut, around 38 km from the city of Bandung to the east . After toll Cileunyi, we have to walk far more than 11 km to Garut. After that we will see sign “Curug Cinulang”. Then we have to walk again around 2.5 km further to the east.

 Although it is quite a distance, visitors who come to Curug Cinulang is quite a lot, considering this waterfall has a height and discharge of water large enough. From the parking area visitors must walk as far as + / – 100 meters to reach the waterfall. Along the way , a lot of stalls selling food and accessories on the right side of the road.

Once at the bottom, two waterfalls seen at tourist sites. The main waterfall flowing with a swift “accompanied by”. Another waterfall which is the fractional flow of water is much smaller. While the other one is 30 meters further to the west and flowed from the cliff wall which is in the south. The second water is also not as large and as swift as the first waterfall and has a slightly lower altitude.

 The swift flowing waterfall in the main waterfall, resulting in the visitors no one dared play or enjoy an abundance of water is just below the waterfall. Visitors generally prefer to play with the water a distance of 5 meters from the overflow pool. Some were enjoying the waterfall from the bridge over the river that would further complicate other visitors if we want to cross the river via the bridge, because the width of the bridge itself is only about one meter.

In addition to enjoying the waterfall, visitors who come generally also try to climb the hill, across the river. When climbing down a path, on the right side of the road there are still many small stalls greet ceaselessly while offering wares. Quite tiring climb the small hill, fortunately there is a path that is under the shade of a tree so as to absorb the heat of the scorching sun shining enough.

If there is not many travelers, we can enjoy the natural atmosphere and water play more freely without the need to jostle with other visitors. At that time can can do is just try to enjoy the waterfalls of the distance between the low boisterous shouts of visitors who were cool to play water.#


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