PUNCLUT : One of Cold Spot in North Bandung

Puncrut .. This designation is wrong … which is really hard … Punclut is difficult mentioned but unique. The North Bandung area is famous for its beauty and cool air . Punclut is a highland area near Ciumbuleuit (well you know, hard again to say  it ).  For the Sundanese, Punclut stands for Peak Ciumbuleuit (say Puncak Ciumbuleuit). The aim is to turn right from Salamun Hospital (Air Force Hospital), if we are from the city .

Various ways can be chosen to reach this area, bike, car, public transportation, walking or  use ojeg (ojeg is ride motorbike, sit behind somebody.. u pay after) . I suggest a walk or ride a motorbike if we want to be more comfortable. Especially on Sundays, this area became the busiest spot for merchants and pedestrians,  so forget our car 😀 (useless).  While walking, enjoy the variety of food , beverages , vegetables and a variety of souvenirs sold along the road uphill . And the more fun we will enjoy the singing of the street artist who is sometimes good to hear. On a normal day, we can use four-wheeled vehicles freely because of extensive parking available in this area.

One more thing to remember is when the month of Ramadan, before the maghrib (around 6 pm) on a holiday or weekend, this area will be a stuck place. Forget about vehicles, rely on our feet, because we would be the first winner of vehicle pedestrian beat.  Make women need to be more careful, because the foot can occur when something unexpected.  For example: when a sudden we can be poke/ touch fast our bumper and his running again (Ah, the act of irresponsible prankster).

Step foot in Punclut, one feels chilly to the bone, do not leave jackets / our fleeces. Along the road begins to look stalls lined Lesehan (lesehan is sit on the floor, without chair.  Typically traditional Restaurant in Java). Almost all the stalls provide brown rice or rice with a side dish of lead and fried chicken/ grilled, squid, shrimp, fish , eels, offal, tofu , tempe, also eggplant salad, basil , eggplant and complete with sambal terasi (read : spicy sauce). Boil or Roasted Corn, Tutut , Bandrek, Bajigur, or coffee can also be an option to relax accompany us in this Punclut region . Bandrek & Bajigur is traditional drink in Bandung.

While enjoying the food and drinks for cold bidders, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery from these Waroengs.  We can see Bandung landscape complete with city lights at night, it’s so beautiful.

During the day we could rent a horse with 10 thousand  rupiahs, only fun for the kids, do not forget to accompany the children while riding a horse, because the area is up and down street.  If we want to spoil the eyes, we can enjoy the beauty of distance, although right now it seems not much trees around, only vegetables and plants that do not help for preventing erosion. Do not be surprised if we feel the heat in during the day at Punclut. Oh, dear … that should be the area of water infiltration areas, but instead it’s became an area that can be considered already broken . Sad, isn’t it?  So, do not be a part of that is not good for the environment, at least let’s trash in its place …

Those who have never been to Punclut, I guarantee you will miss and want to come back again after treveled in this Punclut the area, like me .. many times but never get bored . # (Riest)


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