No Title


I call it Risty

To thee belongs the moon and stars

Thy beauty be beyond

compare with raven hair that shimmers like the night sky,

and skin soft, supple, and luminesent like the glow of the moon.

Thy grace and countenance shines

like a beacon upon the waters of the ocean to guide mine heart to thee.

As the light house guiding a ship home from the sea.

With lithe yet slight gentle hands

they play the strings of mine heart like that of an angelic harpist strumming a light soft melody to warm my soul.

Thy lips they be like petals of a rose soft,


silky to the touch of the sweetest kiss like that of the gentle morning dew on a warm spring morning

A warm heart is held within thine divine bodice

that reaches out to mine bringing forth feelings and emotions

that were but long thought dead.

Ye be beyond reproach when it comes to matters of the mind.

For thy have the wisdom and intelligence to be rivaled by none.

Thou hast captured mine heart and soul

like the huntress Diana on her hunt for the golden hind.

But to be ensnared by thee is heaven unbound.

Thou be mine angel that hath cometh

to save me from an eternity of loneliness and sorrow.

To thee I but hope that I may bring the same for thou holdeth mine heart

from now till the end of time. # (Eneshka Nolo)

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