Pattaya : 1 Nite is Enough for Me

Pattaya is nice place for fun in the night, but its too similar.  Spend time for playing pool, move from 1 bar to other bar, enjoying different musics in the different night club, etc… Well, 1 night is enough for me, and then leave with the bus to Bangkok.

But, I am still interest to come back, to explore the  beaches and other places


(Picture of Pattaya Sign by : Alex)



2 thoughts on “Pattaya : 1 Nite is Enough for Me

  1. One of the hottest beach-resort destinations in Thailand, Pattaya may not be idyllic but it certainly makes up for it with a wide variety of activities, accommodation and nightlife venues.

    Pattaya is a popular beach resort on the Gulf of Thailand just 150 km. southeast of Bangkok – a mere two-hour drive. Pattaya’s pulsating nightlife is well known, but local authorities have, in recent years, improved the quality of the beaches and reinvented the resort as a more family-friendly destination.

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