Somebody told me that my writing is not good, not worthy to read. This spurred me to prove to myself (not to this woman, because she is not important to me) that my writing deserves to be read by others

I am very grateful to all my followers and all the visitors who give a “likefor my posts. It means so much to me, and I appreciate it. Hopefully I can develop properly with comments and criticisms.  Again, Thank You for your supports.  Love, Risty

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14 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. Dear my friend Risty. .
    Please do not pay attention to much to judgment to you..just do the best. I love your blog especially your beautiful photos. Keep working and post great stuff. .:) Blessings on your day.


    • Hello my dear friend Karina,
      Thank you very much and i really appreciate every support from you. I am glad you like my pics. I will do my best. many blessings for you and family as well. Again, Thank you for your kindness 🙂


  2. I never understood those type of people. It seems like they relish in putting down other people, just to put themselves up on a pedestal. Whoever this woman is, she is about as ignorant as one can get. Keep up the good work and keep posting those lovely photos of your country :).


  3. I love visiting your blog and your photos are always inspiring :). Focus on the positive – there are a lot of followers and likers out here who appreciate your efforts 🙂


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