I looked up
My hands looked
I looked bright far up there
Cloudy tinge could not cover up
your light blinking
Stars oh stars oh
You really amaze
I want to hold you
In my hands

Wish I carried you
With my pretty scarves
I Want to shouldered you
In the second shoulder
Or I put you on top of my head
So I look shine
As you

Being you are far out of reach
But your light is so obvious
By all creatures on earth
No one refused
Your beauty makes me jealous
As I stood on the mountain top
Only one desire

I hope you jump…. jump…
run around
And fell into my arms
Play with me
I’m sure you knew with one of the stars
I’ve fallen in love with him
Is there a friend named Love stars?
I’m sure he is there among you
Please give my kind
and keep him forever
He gave me his light for me every night.#

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