We can not find this food anywhere, except in Indonesia.  And, its rarely too in Indonesia.  So.. that’s why I put this here how to make it at home.


     1 banana (special banana) cut into thin  (Latin: musa balbisiana)
     1 red potato cut into rough
     2 young  guava fruit, seeded and cut into rough
     2 kedondong (Spondias dulcis) , peeled and cut into rough
     1 young mango cut into rough
     1 piece of yam cut into rough
     1/2 pineapple peeled, cut into pieces

Materials spice puree using a mortar:

     10 pieces of red chili
     200 grams of brown sugar fine comb
     1 teaspoon salt
     1 teaspoon shrimp paste cooked
     2 tablespoons tamarind water

How to Make a Rujak Bebeg:

     Mash all ingredients in a mortar until smooth.
     Enter pieces of fruit gradually while continuing in mashed fruit slowly until the water put out, but not until it is destroyed.
     Stir well and serve on a serving plate or glass


See Kedondong Fruit in this link :


This one is : Pisang Kluthuk ((Latin: musa balbisiana)





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