Mie Kocok Bandung


Mie kocok (lit: “shaked noodle”), is an Indonesian beef noodle soup, specialty of Bandung city, West Java. The dish consists of noodle served in rich beef broth soup, kikil (beef tendon), bean sprouts and bakso (beef meatball), kaffir lime juice, and sprinkled with sliced fresh celery, scallion and fried shallot. Some recipes might add beef tripe.[1]

In Indonesian the term kocok means “shake”, it refer to the method of softening and cooking the noodle by shaking the noodle placed in handled porous tin container, while being simmered in hot water.[2] The dish uses flat yellow noodle.

To add taste and spiciness kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and sambal might be added. A similar-named but slightly different chicken-based noodle dish from neighboring city of Cirebon is called mie koclok. # (Wikipedia)

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