R i s t y

(This song created by Anes/ Pearl) I will say:thanks a lot for this beautiful words

When I look at you,

I see the night skies,

And the heavens sparkle in your eyes,

You have awakened my heart,

And given me hope,

That one day soon,

You will be in my arms,

And I can love you right.

But, for tonight,

I stare at the stars,

And dream of your love,

Making me think of all that we have,

It gives me joy to have you in my life.

Chorus: You came from no where,

You stole my heart,

even the deepest parts.

I can’t breathe without saying your name.

For everytime I think of you it is always the same,

You are all I want,

You are all I need,

You give me love ,

Beyond my dreams.

When I see your hair on your neck,

It takes me back,

To when we first met,

I felt like I was a kid With their first crush,

The way it made my heart blush,

To think of how lucky I am,

Your always so proud of me,

For who I am, And it inspires me,

Giving me strength,

To do things I could only imagine before,


When I lay here at night,

I dream of holding you tight,

And kissing those lips,

That beckon me home,

To your loving embrace,

In another place,

That is where my heart belongs,

For it is in your hands,

That it is safe and warm,

For you have awakened it,

Just with your touch,

You brought it life,

And it is one I want to share with only you


All I want is to spend my life

With yyyyoooouuuu!!!!!!!!!

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