Tutut : “Suck It Deep & Long”

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Pila ampullacea, is a species of freshwater snail with an operculum, an aquatic gastropod mollusk in the family Ampullariidae, the apple snails Tutut or Pila ampullacea is a kind of water snails, very easily found in the fresh waters of Asia, such as in the fields, ditch flow, as well as the lake. This aquatic animals also known as Keong Gondang, Snails Rice, Water Snails but most people, especially the Sundanese (in Indonesia) are more familiar with this water snail as Tutut. As members of other Ampullariidae, Tutut also have operculum (sort of cover / protector soft body when hide themselves inside the shell). Farmers in the village used to take Tutut after harvest, because at the moment it is not obstructed by mud paddy rice plants to facilitate uptake.

Tutut are widely consumed widely in different regions of Southeast Asia. In addition to good taste and savory, Tutut also contains high protein, but fat or cholesterol is low. Tutut composed of 15% protein, 2.4% fat, and about 80% water. In addition, 75 percent of fat in the Tutut body is Unsaturated Fatty Acids or good fat and body needs. Due to the high content of nutrients in it, Tutut could be an alternative source of animal protein meat substitute and as an alternative to high-protein foods are low in fat. As we know, that the protein is very useful for human metabolism. In addition to protein, Tutut also contains a lot of vitamins. Including vitamin A, E, niacin and folate. So it is not wrong if this Tutut many properties, vitamin A for the eyes, vitamin E for skin cell regeneration and beauty, while Niacin plays a role in the metabolism of carbohydrates to produce energy and Folate is good for pregnant women so that their babies do not have disabilities.

Because of relatively high nutrient content in Tutut’s body, Tutut also be used as a cure for liver disease / yellow, ulcer disease and as an appetite enhancer. So it is very suitable for children who are hard to eat. However, we must be vigilant, because Tutut is the host of some parasitic diseases. Why? Tutut taken from near the rice fields, so Tutut also can save the remnants of pesticides in their bodies. Tutut also frequently reported infected with worms trematodes or flukes commonly called Suck. But do not worry, because these worms will die when cooked in 600 ml of water over high heat for 20 minutes. So it is highly recommended for boiling Tutut over high heat until boiling (not just warm) for at least 30 minutes. Thus, we can enjoy this nutritious in Tutut without fear of diseases that can be caused.

Tutut usually cooked by boiling with spices are a little spicy. Before cooking Tutut usually cut a little at the end of the spiral cone. This is done to help us when sucking the meat. By way of sucking, Tutut meat can go out and directly into the mouth. It’s better if Tutut soaked first one night so it will be clean before cooking and also that sludge can land out of the shell. Tutut is perfect served hot and eaten hot-cold rainy season like this (the rainy season in Indonesia).

The taste of meat Tutut not much different from the mussel meat, meat Tutut little more supple. Economically, Tutut price is also cheaper than scallops, beef or chicken. But the nutrients and benefits can not be ignored.

“Slurrrpp …”

That’s about the noise when we suck Tutut by mouth. How to eat Tutut is fun and unique. Tutut savory flavors and savory, Taste Tutut make us addicted, want more and more. EnjoyingTututcan not get outof the way to eat it. How?? Suckedbymouth. Suckingina deep and long. Butif we shy to do that, we can pick it by using a toothpick, without skipping the delights of Tutut.

Slruuup … Delicious!#

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