Nasi Liwet

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Nasi liwet is a succulent rice dish cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices, from Solo, Central Java, Indonesia.[1] Common steamed rice is usually cooked in water, but nasi liwet is rice cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth, salam leaves and lemongrass, thus giving the rice a rich, aromatic and succulent taste.[2] Nasi liwet is a traditional Javanese way of cooking rice in coconut milk.


Nasi liwet is topped with a slice of omelette, shredded chicken that had also been cooked in coconut milk and a spoonful of a thick aromatic coconut cream called kumut.[1] Served alongside nasi liwet is opor ayam (a delicate chicken in a mild white coconut milk based sauce scented with galangal and lime leaves), telur pindang (eggs boiled slowly with spices), tempeh and labu siam (chayote) as the vegetable.[2]

Traditionally, the pan used for cooking was made of clay. The taste and aroma is generally better if it is cooked on a wood fire, but different regions have different ways of preparing it. Traditionally, it is served on a banana leaf or teak leaf. Frequently, people prefer teak leaves to plates, because of the natural fragrance of the leaf. Nasi liwet complements (side dishes) always consist of coconut milk.

Popularity and variants

In Solo, nasi liwet is usually eaten for breakfast, but also a popular choice for lunch or supper. In Keprabon subdistrict, Surakarta, nasi liwet is only served for supper at the nighttime. Similar rice-coconut milk dishes can be found in other parts of Indonesia, such as nasi uduk Betawi, nasi gurih Aceh, and neighboring nasi lemak from Malaysia.# (

Nasi Liwet Sunda

Sundanese Nasi liwet is very tasty and savory with herbs typical spices and coconut milk, then served with Tofu and Tempe, etc. (complete). This recipe is definitely recommended if you are in a state really hungry and need food that can make your stomach full.
If you eat these foods, I am sure you will be satisfied stomach for a few hours, at least 4 hours you will not be hungry. So you do not need to eat more snacks or light meals to fill your stomach as a booster, the food is very healthy while the recipe and how to make rice liwet enough or relatively easy

Materials and main seasoning

1 Liter Rice fluffier (cianjur if any)
6 cloves garlic
2 stems, leaves little crushed Lemongrass
5 bay leaves
sugar – a little

The procedure for making rice liwet complete:

– First, the rice washed thoroughly
– Peel the garlic, and fry until fragrant dried and then drain.
– Add rice and water into the Rice Cooker (water rather many little different from ordinary cooking rice).
– Enter the fried garlic, lemongrass leaves, bay leaves, sugar, and salt into the Rice Cooker.
– Wait until cooked
– Include an anchovy as enhancer favors.

Nasi Liwet usually served if there were gatherings of family and who has become a tradition usually when the new year, in addition to corn and satay.#

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