Laron “Social Insects”

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Termites are social insects Isoptera member nation is widely recognized as an important pest of human life. Termites eat wood nesting in and home furnishings or framework that raises a lot of economic loss. Termites are still allied with the ants, which are also social insects. In English, termites are also called “white ants(white ant) because of the similarity of behavior.

The term actually refers to the animal termites in general, although there are several different forms known as the colony of ants or bees social. In the colonies, termites do not have wings. However, some can reach the form of winged termites that will come out of the nest in droves at the beginning of the rainy season (which is often a sign of changes to the rainy season) in the evening and flew closer to the light. This form is known as moths or termites.

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