Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Jawa Barat


Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Jawa Barat (West Java Struggle Monument) is one of the important means for the building of West Java. This monument was built as a chronicler of struggle people of West Java.

The monument was built in 1995 by Mr. Sunaryo (owner of Selasar Sunaryo), and stands on an area of 72 040 m2, with an area of 2143 m2 building area. Interestingly, on the north wall there is a relief of the people struggle historical events.

This relief tells the history of the events that began in the Kingdom of Sunda, the colonial period, the Youth Pledge, Linggajati 1946, rebel DII / TII, Long March Division Siliwangi, Tritura (Three Demands of the People, namely: Disband PKI, Clean Cabinet, Lower Price), AsianAfrican conference sparked Ten Principles of Bandung.

Under the monument there is room allocated as a museum. Meanwhile, behind the monument there are various cottage artists showing various skill. Why? Bandung is a city of artists, which is famous for creative people.

At certain moments, the activities carried out on this monument is quite a lot. given field there is also quite extensive. Sometimes used as a venue for musical performances by various television stations, exhibitions, and other activities. While at the time of the morning and afternoon, but used as a place for light exercise, on Sunday morning, in particular, is widely used as a cheap trade goods known to Gasebu Sunday morning marke

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