Fake Relationship? (Anthony Part #1)

I am sitting at corner of the café. Seeing the view around me make me remember about my friend sadness. She dated American guy, from Pottsville. His name is Anthony, Indian long hair guy, American Football player. She didn’t fall in love from the first time, but finally she loves him so much. 6 months is the beautiful moment without any problems. Sometimes, she has some feeling about this man, bad feeling, but she is always ignore it.


Someday she open Facebook, and she sees some posts from a woman at Anthony wall. My friend (call her : Tia) post a poetry to Anthony’s wall. Suddenly a woman message to Tia. Her name is Slimmy

Slimmy            : “Are you dating Anthony?

Tia                   : “why?

Slimmy            : “Just seen the beautiful thing you posted to his facebook”

Tia                   : Thank You

Slimmy            : “So what are you to him”

Tia                   : “We are a lover”

Slimmer           : “Oh ok nice. Thanks”

Tia                   : “Ok.”

Tia asks confirmation to Anthony. He said Slimmy is a close friend. Then Tia realized that Anthony blocked her everywhere. So she can’t contact him anymore. Tia send email to Anthony, ask apology if she did worng, etc. She got reply from Anthony that made her shock.

“To start off with no I did not block you. yes I was a bit upset over the situation because she was upset and questioning me as to what all had I told you of her situation. and felt I had betrayed her trust. but I finally got the situation settled. I am sorry but I started to feel like I had to walk on eggshells to not upset you and I can not do that and will not do that. you know my feelings for you they have not changed. but you have felt what you have felt for awhile and there is no changing it. you are a good woman but you need to get past your fears because you sabotage yourself

I hope that you take the advice you are a beautiful and wonderful woman and deserve happiness I am proud of you and your accomplishments. but, you do need to change some of your demeanor. and I am also proud to have had you as part of my life.”

That’s it. Tia is continuing her life, she has no tears anymore. It’s not the first time she got sadness like this.  She had fake relationship. Sad.#

Mario Teguh said (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mario-Teguh/52472954880?fref=nf)

The weakness of men is too easy to promise

The weakness of women is too easy to trust

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