GF Curiousity in Conversation. Really? – Anthony part #2

The small notes from my friend Tia.  She was so sad because his bf left her.  She tried to find her faults, she could not find it.  She is always blaming herself, why her bf left.  As a friend, I cant say anything.  I just give her hugs and try to make her stronger.  I drink my Coffee, Tia is busy with her phone and then in 15 minutes she gave her phone and asked me to read.  It’s her conversation on Facebook Messenger:


Slimmer: “Do you still talk to Anthony?”

Tia  : “Pls ask him, not me. I will not disturb your life. My life is happy, I will keep it like that. Pls no hard feeling with me.”

Slimmer : “I asked him and he said you are blocked. I was just wondering what you say. I don’t care if you do, I was just wondering”

Tia “I ask u apology if I made u sad. I don’t blocked him. He blocked me. I respect u both.”

Slimmer : “No hard feelings here either. You didn’t make me sad or upset. I was just curious with what was going on”

Tia : “I am just thinking maybe Anthony is not for me. If he loved me he would not block me”
Slimmer: “I wasn’t sure what was going on between you 2. That’s why I asked. He said you and he were just friends”

Tia : “It’s ok, that’s life. Actually I love him much. I trust him with all my heart”

Slimmer: “We’re you going to move to the USA or was he going to move there.”

Tia:”Slim, I can’t talk abt this”

Slimmer : “Why?”

“Tia: “I want u n him to be happy. I try not to be selfish'”

Slimmer : “I need answers before that could ever happen.”

Tia: “Pls, I just want u n him happy,”

Slimmer : “Not gonna happen bcuz I don’t have answers. But it’s ok. I won’t bother you again. Bye.”

Tia : “He wanted to move here’s that time. But maybe he loves u much. He is a great person.”

Slimmer : “He is yours”

Tia : “No, He left me. I am happy for u both”

Slimmer : “Oh after I talk to him, he will be yours. I don’t handle lies.”

Tia : “Yes, I was crying n sad, but I’m ok. Pls don’t!”

Slimmer :Don’t cry, you can have him back. I’m done.”

Tia : “No, I can’t.”

Slimmer : “Sorry I bothered you. Good luck with him.”

Tia : “No. I let him go for u. I know u guys best friend.”

Slimmer : “I no longer want him.”

Tia : “Why? Pls don’t hurt him!”

Slimmer : “Because he lied too many times! He has hurt me now. I am done.

Tia : “That’s cos he didn’t want to hurt u.”

Slimmer : “Lying hurts more than the truth.” Did you talk of marriage?”

Tia : “We did, but it’s no mean. He choose u.”

Slimmer : “Oh I’m done with him. You can marry him.”

Tia : ” I can’t either. I hurt. I think I like being single.”

Slimmer: “Yes you can. He is yours. You were going to marry him and now you can. And you both can be happy again.”

Tia : “Noone hurt me when I’m being single.”

Slimmer : “Did he ask you to marry him?”

Tia : “we were. Pls, it’s no mean

Slimmer : “I’m done with him, I really am. I don’t like liars. And he has lied a few times.”

Tia : “Pls think forward, not his past.”

Slimmer : “Yes I’m done.”

Tia : “I nvr talk to him after we chat on fb. He really blocked me everywhere

It means he loves u,”

Slimmer : “Just told him I’m done and he can go be with you.”

Tia : “Omg, what I did? I’m more sad now.”

Slimmmer : “You didn’t do anything.”

Tia : “I did. I should not tell u.”


Then I realized Slimmy FB profile became Facebook User.  It means Slimmy blocked Tia on Facebook, and of course Tia cant send anything to Slimmy.  I gave phone to Tia, and I see her face is so calm and she has her smile back.

I asked : “Why you look happy?

Tia : “Because, now I know that he has another girl.  It is not my fault.  I will not sad anymore. He is not the right man for me.  I deserve more.”

I hug her tight.  I am happy for her.  I am still curious, why a gf (Slimmy asked many things to Tia (ex gf of Anthony).  Why she didn’t ask to her bf?  Is that how a woman get information? I don’t think so.  It’s weird. It’s like plebeian way.#

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