Invisible Man!

Tender …

Tenderly smooth silk

Covering my soul

Soft limp in place.

Touching your skin

Spread the love fissure

My skin was so smooth it touched your chest

Blend feeling as one

Tapering fingers are dancing around

Feel every move of it…

Between love and lust

I tilt my face

Look into your eyes gently

As I looked into your eyes

My mind was thinking what your mind was after.

And then it started.

As I looked into your eyes

I can touch your deep soul

Exploring your heart

I could see we had a faint lust for love today

As yesterday it was all lust

I could say it’s lust wrapped by love

When I see you

I can’t resist

I asked myself “ is it lust of God?”

I will look into your eyes

And feel the want that is driving your thought .

It is lust, we are perspiring towards each other.

Your blithe light…

Reflect bright… drag out my desire

We have so much feeling in speech.

That it is boiling over.

Rough hands grasped me as I swung towards

It’s not love

It’s not lust

You flush these seeds

Be alive and chapped

Then you are going to disappear

You are invisible man.#

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