Bubur Candil HiJau

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Candil Porridge is the typical food of West Java. In Central Java is called porridge porridge Grendul. Made of glutinous rice flour, brown sugar and coconut milk, porridge Candil makes it taste delicious. Serve as a meal to break the fast in Ramadhan.  We can find it every where on the street.

Material Candil:
150 grams of white sticky rice flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
120 ml of warm water
Suji leaves 20 ml of water, from 10 leaves suji and 1 sheet pandanus

Porridge Ingredients:
1,000 ml of water
3 pieces of pandan leaves
150 grams of brown sugar, a comb
1/2 teaspoon salt
50 grams of white sticky rice flour
20 grams of corn starch
100 ml of water, to dissolve

Gravy Ingredients:
600 ml coconut milk, from 1 coconut
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pandan leaves

How to make:

Candil: Mix glutinous rice flour and salt. Stir well.
Pour warm water and water suji leaves a little, stirring until blended. Round shape. Set aside.
Porridge: dissolve sticky rice flour, corn starch, and water. Set aside.
Boil water, pandan leaves, brown sugar, and salt, stirring until boiling. Enter Candil. Cook until floating.
Add a solution of glutinous rice flour while stirring. Cook until thick.
Gravy: boiled coconut milk, salt and pandan leaves, stirring until boiling.
Serve porridge with gravy ingredients.

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