Toward “The 60th Asian African Conference Commemoration” – Bandung, 24 April 2015


Asian-African Conference (AAC) in Indonesia planned to be held in Bandung and Jakarta in April 2015, the theme of cooperation the promotion of peace and prosperity of the world. The theme that will be displayed is strengthening south-south cooperation. The Indonesian government also wants this cooperation to contribute in promoting world peace and prosperity.

Though now most of the participating countries Asian-African Conference is independent of colony colonialism, but there are still many who have not been apart of poverty, this is the reason for the return AAC in Jakarta and Bandung in April 2015. The conference is still very relevant to be implemented. If the first goal first AAC across the country gathered for independence, now all also work together to seek to liberate Asian-African countries from poverty. One of the main agenda AAC in Indonesia, which will be attended by 109 heads of state is about economic progress.

The Government of Indonesia through the support of other countries will strive to encourage and promote south-south cooperation, which provide concrete results and tangible contribution to the welfare state in Asia, Africa and also will revitalize other strategic partnerships. As is known, 75 percent of world population in Asia-Africa. GDP in the Asia-Africa also reached US $ 21 trillion. A total of one billion citizens come from the middle class, there is a large market opportunity. In addition to the economic problem, KAA would also address a number of topics, such as solidarity in politics, development, and socio-cultural relations between countries of Asia and Africa.

Meeting of senior officials from the Asia-Africa will be held in Jakarta on April 22 to 23. Then, on April 24, all the representatives of the state will go to Bandung to perform pilgrimage procession AAC.

The closer to the time of implementation, preparation of the organizing committee of the foreign ministry and other ministries has a maximum cross. Where a meeting with stakeholders, editorial director of media, academia, and the seniors to inform AAC has undertaken. In addition, the dissemination of information has also been implemented, where the committee has coordinated with the foreign ministries of other countries and their embassies in Jakarta.

Appointment of Indonesia to host the Asian-African Conference warnings (AAC), of course, be a precious moment for Indonesia to return to contribute to world peace. In the history of the Asian-African Conference was first held on April 18 to 24 year 1955.

Indonesia and other countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan became iitiator. In addition to promoting economic cooperation and the Asia-Africa, the movement is also considered a stance against colonialism United States and the Soviet Union and other imperialist countries. And the discussion board is also the origin of the formation of the Non-Aligned in 1961. In addition to commemorating 60 years of the Asian-African Conference, the event will also be celebrated 10 years of strategic cooperation countries of Asia and Africa, the New Asia-Africa Strategic Partnership (NASP).


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President Sukarno chose Bandung as the Asian-African Conference on 18 to 24 April 1955 ago. Not without any reason when Bung Karno chose the ‘City of Flowers’ a gathering place for 5 heads of state and representatives of 24 countries in Asia and Africa.
In the book ’50 years of Indonesian and Asian-African Conference ‘which published the State Department (now Ministry of Foreign Affairs) stated that Bandung handpicked by President Sukarno that time.
“He (Sukarno) would like to confirm to the world that was the beginning of the Bandung-independence movement led begin the fight against colonialism and imperialism,” as set forth in the book ’50 years of Indonesian and Asian-African Conference ‘as quoted by AFP on Monday (13/4 / 2015).

The history of the independence movement is echoed by Sukarno indeed many do in Bandung. In 1926, Sukarno founded the Algemene Study Club in London which is the result of inspiration from Indonesische Study Club by Dr. Soetomo. This organization became the forerunner of the National Party of Indonesia, which was founded in 1927.

In December 1930 before a court of Landraad Bandung, Bung Karno read the court was entitled, ‘Indonesia Sues’. Defense that explore the lives of the people under colonial Indonesia is compiled by Sukarno from behind prison. Defense ‘Indonesia Sues’ This then became the forerunner of politics against colonialism and imperialism.

On Bumi Parahiyangan also Bung Karno on March 30, 1933 compiled treatises, ‘Achieving Indonesia Merdeka’ which contains the vision and mission of Indonesia’s independence.
Three Bung Karno movement activities that are, among others, the reason for choosing Bandung as the convening of the conference

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