Cello, Where are You?

When u were born you had grey color
It was 07 Feb 2013
After 3 months your color changed to black til now
I feel so close with you
I told you many things, even I am not sure you understand or not
You changed my mood so fast
my tiredness, my sadness gone so fast when i met you

You sniffed my feet, as usual
You talking to me
But I do not understand your language
You never slept in my bed
But then, you sleep near my legs
You turn away and you move near my stomach
I think, maybe you missed
3 days because you did not come home

Now 6 days already
You do not exist
I’m looking for you everyday
Cried every day
I call your name
My voice choked
I just want you back
You are part of my life
I love you
Please don’t leave me
You slice my heart when I am thinking of you.#


The place you are sleeping when I am sick.  You are always waiting for me.

DSC_0174 DSC_0175 DSC_0176

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