Just “Fall”

I was falling in love with you

At that time

I seem to sleep so comfortably

Your voice pumping my blood of desire

Each time I heard it

My biological instinct radiates so great

Pumping my lust

Ah, I call it “fall in love”

What’s the difference with falling asleep?

Both are equally comfortable in moment

When suddenly you go

Lost somewhere

You did not leave word

I slumped

When realized,

I admit that this is only temporary

I got up

Convince myself

That you’re not for me

Suddenly you appear

Saying sorry

I was not able to say anything

Explain that  you’re too scared

I was exaggerated

You asked me to go back

I said I can not

You tell me how much you want me

You said, now  you’ve grown

I just said  “oooh …”

Once again you go

Without saying anything

This is not a situation

This is a character

I am sure my decision is right

Better I have my own way.#

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