Beautiful Blogger Award

Rob with his awesome blog nominated me as Beautiful Blogger Award.  Please visit his blog and you will feel fresh after read his posts, Funny, fun and meaningful. I would like to thank to Rob about his appreciation of my blog.


The rules:

  • Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
  • Notify the amazing people who you nominated for the award

The 7 Random Facts about me:

1.  Feel Beautiful in the morning, Don’t forget to take a pic of myself when I am walking in the morning 🙂


2.  My Nephews choose me than their mum, when they want to play.  Why? because I let them play with nature


3.  My niece & Nephew choose me to company them for taking lunch


4. I became favorite to take selfie with nieces

DSC_0500  DSC_0512

5. Even tired after long holiday, I am still excited  walking to this waterfall.. alone 😉


6.  The first time I visit this beautiful Place, near my mum house

DSC_0100 DSC_0103

7. My favorite thing to do for celebrating Eid Mubarak is preparing Snacks for the guests



Congratulations, and have a fantastic weekend ❤

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