Uluwatu : Another Waroeng

I like to explore different things at the new place.  I was watching Uluwatu Kecak Dance, fantastic show in Bali.  My driver asks me where will I go.  I need something different.  I see the sign “Suluban Beach”..  I will not go to Suluban Beach, I need to find Waroeng.  Then I say : “Please go left”.

Not far we go left I found waroeng at the left side.  We stop and try to find table, because this place is almost full of White people. They look like surfers style, mostly young people.  I feel comfortable in this place, because people are friendly and talk each other. My friend tells me, the owner of this place is Dutch.  The employees speak Javanese language, so I knew well about what they talk about.

The menu is about Western and Indonesian food. I order Gado-gado… and so surprise I got the biggest portion that i ever see.  Seems need 3 people to finish it. The price is still normal, not expensive at all, aound IDR 30K, but if we share for 3 people.. means IDR 10K, without Tax!!!

So if you need a big size food/ big portion food.. Ulu Resto/ Waroeng Uluwatu is the right place ❤

Suluban beach is a beautiful beach with great waves that challenges every surfer to enjoy the surf adventures. The characteristic of wave at Suluban Beach is similar at Uluwatu Beach with the great, powerful and barrel wave those are fascination for surfer to come to this surf point. The beach is blessed by the breathtaking view to the Indian Ocean with peaceful atmosphere and spectacular sunset at late afternoon that creates the romantic nuance. The access to the beach is very unique that we have to pass on the crevice between boulders with the body crouched (Mesulub = Balinese word means bow). This surf point is many visited by surfers to explore the great wave during April up to August. It is strategically situated in the white stone hill and featured by the beautiful scenery and public facilities quickly growth. Some of souvenir shops have been standing to offers interesting souvenir to bring home and completing this beach as a tourist destination in Bali.



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