Sendang Senjoyo

Names of Senjoyo  is derived from the puppet characters, namely Arya Sunjaya or Sunjaya are descendants of the Aryan Vidura. Duke lost battle with Karna then be Sendang Senjoyo moksha. Sendang Senjoyo said to be trusted as a place that has the blessing and often used as a place to pray to God Almighty. This is where the first Mas Karebet which is also known as Joko Tingkir which later became Sultan Hadiwijaya, often lelaku kungkum *before deciding to serve as a soldier in the kingdom of Demak.

Till now, people  is always come to this place every  21st Ramadan, we call it as “Selikuran”. Some of them are praying with their own way, but mostly they come is a habit without knowing why they come, nothing to do, but the place is always full in this season.  They come from many villages and people around Sendang Senjoyo

*Kungkum tradition are always made public on Tuesday night and Friday night Kliwon as a manifestation of prayers to God Almighty.

*Kliwon is Javanese Calendar.  Trade names, amounting to 5 is taking the base on behalf of Qiblat namely Qiblah “papat lima pancer” with a basic count of the circumference of distribution the sun to the earth, so that it starts from the east (legi), south (Pahing), west (pon), north (wage ), middle (kliwon);

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