I failed “Making Wedang Ronde”

A bowl Tangyuan / round

Ronde is a traditional Chinese food with real names Tangyuan (simplification = hanyu pinyin = Tangyuan). Tangyuanname is a metaphor for a family reunion (Hanzi =; simplification =) were read Tuanyuan (resembling Tangyuan). Ronde made of glutinous rice flour mixed with a little water and formed into balls, boiled, and served with a sweet sauce. Size can be small or large, given the content or not. Chinese society used to consume Tangyuan festivals Yuanxiao or the Lantern Festival [1] or Festival Dongzhi(Hanzi =; simplification =; Korea = 동지; Vietnam = Đông Chí; Indonesia = Day Wedang Ronde) or on every occasion held gatherings family, for example, while the wedding party. 

The origin 

According to the legend [2], in the Han Dynasty, there is a royal ladies named Yuanxiao. He misses his parents but can not leave the palace, finally he kept crying and wanted to commit suicide. A minister who determines it promised to help him. What needs to be done is to make Tangyuan Yuanxiao much as possible (which is the best cooks can he make) as an offering to the gods on the date 15 months 1 Lunar. Yuanxiao managed to do so and the emperor was satisfied. Yuanxiao allowed to meet his parents. Since then, on the 15th of month 1 Lunar Calendar held Yuanxiao Festival or the Lantern Festival.

According to historical records, Tangyuan has become a popular snack in China since the Sung Dynasty. [3] (Wikipedia)

It’s the most favorite food.  I cannot explain why I like Ronde, but when I am thinking about what Wikipedia said that Ronde is a traditional food, so I realized that my favorite food is coming from my habit.  I lived in Salatiga and the one of traditional food in Salatiga is Ronde. Why Ronde? Many Chineese live in Salatiga. Probably Chineese people introduced Ronde to people in Salatiga.   We can find warung Ronde everywhere in Salatiga.  Wherever we step we can see Ronde.

From the pictures you can see that the looks of food is not interesting.  You are right, I failed to make Ronde.  The taste is so good, but the looks unexpected (hehe).  I cannot find good Ronde in Bandung (where I live now), so I tried myself to make it.  And that is it… not succeed yet.  I am not give up, I will try again.#

8 thoughts on “I failed “Making Wedang Ronde”

  1. To me it seems very familiar, that favourite meals look unspecticular, Can you imagine, that poached eggs in a pale yellow-brownish mustard sauce with potatoes could look amazing? But I love that meal since childhood. 🙂

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