I’m Lucky Living in Indonesia

Do you see fork here? Yes you are right.  No forks on the table.  Fork is not Java Culture.  We use spoon sometimes, but mostly we eat with right hand.


Rice for 8 people
2 grilled carp
1 papaya flower – stir-fry
1 plecing kangkung – is spicy kale (stir fry), originally from Lombok
1 genjer stir-fry
Fried bananas


Thats what we drink :Young Coconut, Coffee, Mineral water, Juice


How to eat with hand, Javaneese culture and Islam culture


We finished it till so clean. How much it cost for 8 people? Total around IDR 350.000,-
Surprised? Me too. I am lucky I live in Indonesia, still so cheap 😀

Let’s  See what the view around us, meanwhile we eat


I feel vey lucky living in Indonesia, not just beautiful, but also cheaper, especially in Central Java.#

24 thoughts on “I’m Lucky Living in Indonesia

  1. What a wonderful presentation of your country, indeed Indonesia is fabulous;the variety of food, the depth of culture, the beauty of nature and you have everything…so much to explore and so much cherish.
    Lovely post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are certainly lucky, Risty 🙂

    Mouth watering…

    I just feel at home seeing your images…

    Rice, Fish, Papaya, Fried banana… it’s all what we have here in Kerala too 🙂

    The paddy fields, hills and clouds, I just feel like packing and take the next flight to your beautiful country to experience a home away from my home 🙂

    I will do that, for sure, may be in an year or two 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post and have a nice day ahead 🙂

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