I can’t Leave

Sitting beside me

A woman

With high spirits

Telling a story …


She says…

That man is loving me

That man would be sad if I leave

That man is a very nice guy

I did not have the heart to leave

That man has other women

That man could not leave his woman

They’d been together


That man gave me a little money

Unlike other men

which gives a lot of money to their women

I am alright

Not Demanding anything

I can’t leave that, that man is too nice

I did not have the heart to leave


Wiping my face

I moved my lips slightly

I stared into her eyes

I tried to dig

The meaning of her words

Surprised, confused, and feel strange


It first met

And I heard a story

It looks like my ears refuse to hear

I am speechless

Then who you are?

Telling me all this?


I wrote this, because it was happening when I met a woman, suddenly she told me that things.  She didn’t know me, I didn’t know her.  But she told me and show me her guy.  Very freak. She give me a trust ? or she told to everybody…? #

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