First published by Shitij Sharma in 2016

Copyright © Shitij Sharma, 2016

I think I will read this novel in a long time. However, because the writing cultivate my curiosity, I finally read in a matter of hours. I read this novel because I follow the author blog. I am very surprise, in his very young age, he wrote an excellent premises and readable. The plot is flowing beautifully, personification and depiction of many things in a very beautiful and detailed, so that make me feel I am in the story. I don’t like a thriller story, but I enjoy this novel.

Writers use so many wonderful literature words. Although this book is a novel, I feel like reading a history that flowing naturally. There are so many moral messages written implicitly, for example how to treat a child, how to talk with children at the right time, the love of an uncle to his niece, corruption and others.  The depiction of a love that is gentle, simple and refined, but the experience is not an easy process.

Here are the parts of the novel that became my favorite:

  1. It is no small thing to leave behind everything that you’ve ever known to go somewhere that you could never have imagined you would be, to be exiled to a place that is anything but home
  1. To bury something, it is often considered, either means the end of something or the passing on into the realm of the earth or the sky, only the dead could ever know. But it is not only the dead that we bury. We bury objects, memories, thoughts and emotions among other things. Contrary to popular belief burying something is not the end of it because even though it is suppressed beneath layers of earth or self control, the dead and buried don’t always remain that way and that is where the stories come from, the stories that haunt us for the rest of our no longer carefree lives
  1. Their bodies were just empty vessels and their eyes were windows that showed only a vacant home. Maybe it was because they had passed on into a world where the sun never set or maybe even a world where nothing existed but an infinite pool of darkness. You can choose to believe anything you want up to the time Death comes for you. After that, well, we can only imagine.
  1. War is one of the most profitable business opportunities in the world. Very few are just not aware of this, others are held back by moral or social implications from practicing it while most people don’t really think about these things too much. Some of these people worry more about spending money while others are more intent on earning it through other methods. Who has the time to actually stop and think in today’s hectic world?
  1. The death of a loved one is one of the worst experiences that life has to offer and yet it’s unavoidable, the only alternative being never loving in the first place. Life is so feeble, its flame extinguished as easily as blowing out a candle. All it takes is a misplaced step or disease, life eventually takes its course and the destination is always death. Many believe that there is life after death.
  1. According to the Bhagavad Gita the Atman (or soul) is eternal and cannot be destroyed – ‘No weapons can cut this Atman, no fire can burn It, no water can wet It, no air can dry It. This Self cannot be cut, nor can it be burnt, nor wetted, nor dried. Changeless, all-pervading, unmoving, immovable, this Self is eternal.’
  1. Majid felt guilty lying to his niece but the truth was far worse than what she feared. He understood that she could never know that her uncle was nothing more than a common thug, an illegal arms dealer that sold his weapons to the highest bidders, weapons the sale of which more often than not led to the loss of more than one innocent life.
  1. “He loved me more than anything in the world you know. He would have done anything for me. I never really missed my parents with him around. I was happy. People were scared of him but I could never understand why, he was always so gentle with. I know he was a criminal, that he made many unforgivable mistakes. But he was not a bad man, he did what he had to do, what he thought was right and somehow I think that ought to be respected.”

I cannot wait to read his second Novel.  If you feel curious as I am, please check out this links.

Here are the links – Amazon Link – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LDFM9EK

Goodreads link – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31821952-the-girl-from-rostov

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