The First Anniversary


25 December 2016 was our first anniversary. We had no party, No wine and no dance. We just want to have more grateful about what we had since we are being together as husband and wife.  So my husband and me discussed what we want to do in our first anniversary.  We thought to have a simple celebration with family and neighbor. And the important things are I wanted to remember my kid’s life.  For our first anniversary we did :


We invited family of our sisters and our brother, we took lunch together.  The food was traditional food “tumpeng” which is rice and vegetable (more than 10 items vegetable), dry fish, tempe, egg. We drank coconut ice “kelapa muda”, and the snack was Jajan pasar (traditional food when I was a kid).


Bancakan is invite children, play together and then they bring food and toy to their home.  In this bancakan we always say “huraaaay” together.  Usually we speak in Javaneese language (mother’s language)


We played with the kids around our mum house (we call it dolanan), it’s my basic culture how to play with friends. Poorly, the kids didn’t know about this.  So we teach them first then we play together (note: what they knew is gadget and play a game with it, sigh… ).  After played, we prayed together and very loud we say “hurraaaay…..”.  The meaning of “huraay” here is “please go the bad things and please come the best things.  After that, children will go home and bring food and toy as a gift.


After I teach them about it, they are very excited, and then they told to the parents that they want celebrate their next birthday like my first anniversary celebration.


Share happiness to people around us after celebrating of something is Bancakan also.  So its part of grateful things.  We visited neighbor and told them “We bring this food for you and family, because its first anniversary of Risty marriage”.  And then they gave nice words before we left.  Who come to the neighbor is somebody (whoever) as long as under name of my family.

I always hope that in everything I do, I will remember my culture, regarding right now, its difficult to find “bancakan” in my life, but we can find in Suriname. #

16 thoughts on “The First Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary, Risty! Glad to know you are lucky in love.
    The game, the kids are playing, is also well-known in Germany. We used to sing a song about a golden bridge with it, which means the high-held arms, where the others slip through or get caught to be the next posts of the “bridge” – ist this right?

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  2. Happy 1st wedding anniversary 🙂 May God always bless your marriage amazingly. by the way, If I’m not wrong.. There is Indonesian traditional food called “Tumpang” Am I right? looks so yummy 🙂 Have a great wedding anniversary. God bless.

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