Ceremony 02

I am sure mostly people knew how picturesque Bali island.  Beaches, landscapes, nature Spots, you won’t see all the beauty of this island. A little knowledge and participation in Bali ceremonies, festivals (cultural or religious) can give more ineffable memories for your holidays in Bali.

The best if we could attend any of Balinese family celebrations like Gedong-gedongan (ceremony in the 8th month of pregnancy), Menek kelih (puberty), teenagers transition to the adult’s world (tooth filling), wedding and etc. But if you will be in Bali island only for short period – I believe it’s not so easy to become close friends with local people and be invited to such sacred family ceremonies.

In Bali there are many public celebrations that we can attend. Almost every month we can enter different Bali ceremonies, festivals. For example,  monsters parade Ogoh-Ogoh, Nyepi (silent day – Bali’s Lunar New Year), Galungan (Balinese Hindus commemorate the legendary battle of good versus evil), art or villages festivals, temples anniversaries and etc.

In this pictures, I attented ceremony for my new yoga place.  My guru prays before open yoga activities in her house.  It’s always excited me to attent celeremony in Bali.  Very interesting thing.  I hope I can share  a little bit to my friends here, about ceremonial in Bali.  Hope you enjoy it. #


4 thoughts on “Ceremony 02

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, your pictures give me a glimpse of beauty that I am looking for. We’ve got a new short called, ” A few good Fries”, and as always your feedback is wanted. Hope to see you there

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