Try a New Thing

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. ~Chris Grosser


I never join Run Competition in my life, but at 30 April 2017 I join Zinc Coast Trail Run 12K at Pandawa beach Bali.  It was really fun.  My goal was being a winner of myself, fearless to do something new.  I just want to try a new thing, and enjoying the route which is :

  • Shrubs
  • Temple
  • Rural
  • Golf course
  • Cliff
  • Beach

From this competition, I could learn so many things, including a simple thing. Example, how I can use water Bladder.  Maybe it’s not important for somebody else, but for me… it’s meaningful.  In my 48 years age, it’s the first time I knew how to use it. hahaha.

I didn’t do run practice for years… but thanks God I could finish the route with smile, even I didn’t run.. I walked and enjoy my every step.  And the best thing I got here was I met best friend from University that we didnt meet 22 years.






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