Be my Side

The pain that pierces you
A groan that I can not hear anymore
A complaint that sings my heart
Emotionally blowing up the soul

My rope loosen up
My mouth is silenced
Tears in tears
Unable to say a word
Accidentally my mouth I key
Avoid the dirty word piercing

I grip your finger
I feel the skin getting dry
I give you a smile
I looked your eyes
Should I give up
in this pebble?

I can not fight alone
Though there is a God with me
Get up …
Be aware
Walk by my side
Give your gratitude
just a little…

Let’s fight together.#

Summation to Ten

4 & 6 are numbers

A number of age

Summation to Ten

Perfection is collaboration of both

No cake

No celebration

No party

But thousands of hope and prayer

that’s more than gifts

More mature

More happy

More healthy

More blessing

More grateful

Meaning of 10

Being what I wish..

A freedom of choose

My brother whispers…

Like the music of the mountain
And the colors of the rainbows
They promises for the future
and the blessing for today.#

(28Feb2015 – My B’day)