Reminder #2

Thinking positive doesn’t make me a better person.  To be a better person, I have to put in my work.  I need to build  a newer version of myself.  A hard work will prepare myself for extraordinary destiny.#

Berpikir positif tidak membuat saya menjadi orang yang lebih baik.  Untuk menjadi orang yang lebih baik, Saya perlu membangun “diri saya versi baru”.  Kerja keras akan mempersiapkan saya kepada takdir yang luar biasa.#


Reminder #1

When we stop our step,
on the  “blame” stairs….
The conscience untouched
to fix whatever happened

Try to understand & Be understanding
so we become part of the solution.#


Intermezzo : “Polite about the Truth”

Couple days ago, my friend from office said to me “Your photo profile at GTalk is scary.”

I said to her : “Don’t see it!”

She said again: “This pose is really scary..”

I said again : “Like I said, don’t see it, that’s so simple!”

Then she was silent.

It made me thinking, the reason why we put our photo as photo profile anywhere (facebook, yahoo, Gmail, etc), it’s because we proud of our picture.  I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, that’s just my opinion.  After that, I was watching intently about my picture, I didn’t feel my picture is scary.

Any sentence that tell anyone about the truth with polite one?

Maybe my pose was scary, but how to tell me with polite words?


I was laying down with her in our room, at the Mandi Villa – Ubud Bali. We were talking until 5 am. I knew her from online, couple years ago. I was at friend’s list of her boyfriend, suddenly she added me on hotmail cyrcle. Since that we are always keep in touch and became a closed friend. She is Indonesian, but she stays in Hongkong for her business. Its 2nd time we were in vacation together. I met her in Bali and she flight from Hongkong.

“I changed my name..” she said

“Really, why?” I looked at her

“I don’t like my old name. My dad gave me that, but I don’t like it. He gave me Arabic name. It doesn’t make sense for me, I am Indonesian. So I changed my name with Indonesian name.”


Reasonable. It’s like my name. I have Indonesian name for my first name, and Arabic name for the last name. I was asking my dad why he gave me that. He explained me very well, and the meaning of my name is very good, so I never complain about that.

“I changed my name when I was at elementary School. My teacher asked people in my class, who would change the name before graduation. So, some friends and I were so happy and changed our name.” she said.

“It was so funny, when my friend came to my house, they called me with my new name, and my parents were confused. I just came up and smiling. Until now, my friends call me with my new name, and my family are calling me with my old name.”

I was just smiling listening her story.

“What’s your name meaning? I asked

“Which one?” she asked


“I have no idea.. ” she said

“Why you don’t like it, if you dont know the meaning?” I asked

 She just raised her shoulder.

 “How about your birth certificate?” I asked

“I got my birth certificate when I was at Senior High School. I stayed at the Village, so we didn’t care about anything like that. “ She said

She was continuing her opinion about something she didn’t like in her family.

“I am not agree with Arabic language for prayer. My dad was teaching me how to pray with Arabic language. I was complaining about that. We are Indonesian, why we pray with Arabic language? I have some disagreed with my dad.”

“When I was a kid, I have some foods in my hand. Suddenly poor man came to my house and he asked food to my parents. My dad told me to give my food to poor man. Why I must give him my food? He was still healthy, he could find his own food.”

Regarding these I realized that sometimes parents gave lessons for their children without explanation. “Just do this. If not, it’s sin.”   Its like they asked children to pray without knowing the meaning of praying. In the end, children found themselves about God, praying, etc. Is it old style teaching ?

I have a nephew, he is 5 years old. He is always praying with Indonesian language. When his mum teach him to pray with Islam way (means : Arabic language), he asked his mum, “Why I must use this language, I don’t understand the meaning. I will use Indonesian language, God knows all languages”.

Then we would see speechless mum, if they have open minded children.#