A Piece of Prayer

grant me some of my fear to You,
who can lead me into your Heaven,
and a belief that can lighten me
in the face of worldly calamities.

give me pleasure with hearing,
sight and strength throughout my live,
and make it all that I can inherit,
and make it an antidote to those who persecute me,
and help me against those who oppose me.

And let not most of the world be my concern,
nor be part of my knowledge,
nor shall me be overwhelmed by those who do not love me.


Ya Allah,
Berikan aku beberapa ketakutanku pada-Mu,
yang bisa menuntunku ke surga-Mu,
dan keyakinan yang bisa meringankan aku
dalam menghadapi bencana duniawi.

Ya Tuhan,
beri aku kesenangan dengan pendengaran,
penglihatan dan kekuatan sepanjang hidupku,
dan membuat semua yang bisa aku warisi,
dan menjadikannya obat penawar bagi orang-orang yang menganiaya aku,
dan bantulah aku melawan orang-orang yang menentangku.

Dan jangan biarkan sebagian besar dunia menjadi perhatianku,
atau menjadi bagian dari pengetahuanku,
Aku juga tidak akan dikuasai oleh orang-orang yang tidak sayang kepadaku


Changed my perspective of myself,

Changed my life,

Changed my priorities,

Changed my time…

Changed my Passions,

Changed my emptiness to fulfillness

Changed my loneliness to togetherness

Changed my anger to be more patient

Changed my world perspective

Being a wife changed everything


Being myself .#

Being with You, Make Me Feel Perfect

Not a lot of words to say
Not many stories  you express
But my days are filled with care
Studded of million kisses
Sprinkled by flowers of love

Every second annoyance from me
Tickling your seriousness
Every move of me makes you smiling
And double up with laughter

We talk to everything
Talk to chocolate in the fridge
Speak to ice cream
Chat to plants
Whispering to flower

Listening our heart
Listening to the chatter of nature
Sniff the mood

Being with you, make me feel perfect.#

I can’t Leave

Sitting beside me

A woman

With high spirits

Telling a story …


She says…

That man is loving me

That man would be sad if I leave

That man is a very nice guy

I did not have the heart to leave

That man has other women

That man could not leave his woman

They’d been together


That man gave me a little money

Unlike other men

which gives a lot of money to their women

I am alright

Not Demanding anything

I can’t leave that, that man is too nice

I did not have the heart to leave


Wiping my face

I moved my lips slightly

I stared into her eyes

I tried to dig

The meaning of her words

Surprised, confused, and feel strange


It first met

And I heard a story

It looks like my ears refuse to hear

I am speechless

Then who you are?

Telling me all this?


I wrote this, because it was happening when I met a woman, suddenly she told me that things.  She didn’t know me, I didn’t know her.  But she told me and show me her guy.  Very freak. She give me a trust ? or she told to everybody…? #

You are Here

I paint
A beautiful story
IIn the clouds
No Trace

Drawing without pen
Coloring without paint
Blending the  colors of life
Seems so faultless

Giving a meaning
with a million hopes
Filling of millions of greatness of soul
the conscience of the filter

with conscience
when  my painting is erroneous

I counted
without totalizer
Experience a cornerstone

My life is so serene, tranquil

I realized
You are here,  exist for me,
in my bone marrow
in my  vein
in my bloodstream

My Providence.#

We are Notable

Not shaking hands that we want
Nor lift cap
Neither kissing our hands
Nor the gifts we wait

We are here
We are notable

Since your eyes are blind
Since you are deaf
Since the eyes of your heart blunt
We will slowly go

When you are realize
We are not there
You are alone
You find a name
Is that notable without us? #

Writing a New Story

I wiped the black cloud of the past
Leaving all the memories
Without a speck of remorse
Great spunk, this time
Courage grind away all fears
Removing all worries

I tied my shoelace firmly
Stucking its claws
Stepping foot as wide as Earth
Raising my hand high
Reaching for the sky

Writing a new story
On the horizon
Slowly, but surely
A wonderful graffiti of future
2 pairs of legs move together.# (Pic by : JJ Wind)

Mbak Risty

There is A Dependency

My stomach inflate and deflate
Cheek hardened restrain anger
My eyes upward to hold back tears
Legs and hands tremble
Clenched hand

Transfixed in silence
Relaxes the whole lifeblood
Listening to my heart
Breathe deeply
Lengthen sigh

I realize
Sincere it is not easy
When touched our ego
Sincere it becomes faded
When there is a dependency.#

Eroded Feeling

Your feelings eroded
Thinning feelings
Float feelings
Sinking feelings
It has been lost

Your taste of value is bland
No Honed
No longer Value of sense
Vanish of Sense
It’s dull & died

You are not able to distinguish
Cannot find the sense anymore
Asking more, asking more
Forgetting how’s giving

Where the good
Where the bad
Everything is the same


(note for unthankful attitude)

There is A New Dream

Expressing anxiety
Conveying concerns
With the gentle words

Trying to open your eyes
Trying to wake up your understanding
You do not care, defend yourself

Sarcastically your words
I stroked my chest
And gradually relented

Cutting the line is the right way
Stick nails on the same footing
It’s not deserve to do this time

Looking for the best direction
Forgetting the old soul
Hugging the right dream

There is a new dream#