Wonder how you’re so divine

With every word you speak

it’s my heart that skips a beat

More precious to me than air

Imagining that make me stare

You’re the star of my every dream

Sometimes I forget to breath.

I want to be with you

Forever and a day, in every single way

Body, heart, soul and mind

until the end of time

Words cannot portray how I feel

You are my description of love

my friend, everything

and beginning to end

You have put me on a pedestal

you make me feel ten feet tall

You’ve always been there for me

you’ve loved me through it all

You’ve always been patient

and kind Just thought

I’d let you know

you’re the owner of this heart of mine

how long I’ll love you?

always forever and a day!

Even if the stars went black

or the sun were to shine no more

We could find our way to each other

no matter how far the shore

Safely in each others arms

to bid the rest of time

Seeking Eternal Love

Caring for each other

through the worst of storms

Leaning on the arms of love

This is how I feel for you

I’ve known it all along

You are my one true love

My world, my heart, my soul#

(Riest :110707)

15 thoughts on “TRUE LOVE

  1. Hello Risty.
    A beautiful statement for a true love!
    Body, heart, soul and mind are in unison!
    Beautiful and sweet day for you and for all those who are close to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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